DallasFair.com Domain Name for Sale

DallasFair.com Domain for Sale

There are lots of searches on the phrase “Dallas Fair”, due to the big county fair they have in Dallas every year, however I originally purchased this domain because it sounded like a great Dallas area lifestyle magazine name. When used in this context, the word “Fair” is appropriate as “Pleasing to the eye or […]

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Domain Name for Sale - BoldCaps.com

BoldCaps.com Domain for Sale

I purchased previously registered domain name when I noticed it on a deleting / dropping domain names list.  I thought BoldCaps.com could be great for a lot of things, like a fonts download website, or a web design company name. I later realized that it would be a cool business name for a website that […]

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Domain Name for Sale - SmoothieCup.com

SmoothieCup.com Domain for Sale

SmoothieCup.com Domain Name for Sale My kids always told me how much they like my smoothies and exclaim that I should open my own smoothie business.  It’s fun to hear them come up with catchy smoothie business names. And they do come up with some good ones, but I was thinking of a different approach.  […]

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Domain Name for Sale - InkJar.com

InkJar.com Domain for Sale

My wife loves paper stationery and dip pens, and so I started searching for stationery business names.  Using my own scripts and spreadsheets to find domains available to register, I found the InkJar.com. The logo I created above may look a little cheesy as I was in a hurry, but my original idea would be something […]

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Domain Name for Sale - AreaCode.us

AreaCode.us Domain for Sale

The exact phrase “area code” gets typed into Google 110,000 times per month just in the United States alone, plus it’s included in the search phrase over 9 million times per month.  I originally purchased this domain with the intention of developing it into an information website targeting these keywords.  Tell me what you think […]

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TopStocks.us Domain Name for Sale

TopStocks.us Domain for Sale

TopStocks.us is a terrific domain for stocks / US Investing / finance domain.  The phrase “Top Stocks” enjoys over 18,000 google searches per month (27,ooo globally) with over 4,000 exact phrase matches per month.  It has good keyword competition and between $3.71 – $4.74 per click.  Estibot appraises TopStocks.us at $3600!

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Event Details Domain Name for Sale

EventDetails.com Domain for Sale

Please comment on what you think if this domain that I have for sale. I originally bought EventDetails.com with the intention of developing it into a events related website. I thought it would be good for a party planning domain, or a event planning website. I also thought it would make a nice event calendar […]

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